About us

San Francisco Natural Products,

is a synonym of living foods.


We want to generate a positive impact on the lives of our consumers through the wonderful benefits of living foods, so they can enjoy healthy, natural, and—above all—living foods every day.


To provide personalized attention through kindness, efficiency, and punctuality.
We are committed to sharing our knowledge about how to awaken seeds and obtain living foods that benefit the health and quality of life of our consumers directly.


We test our seeds when they arrive at our company, and then we test them again after they sprout to verify the absence of pathogens such as Salmonella and E.coli O157: H7. We perform these tests using molecular biology technology endorsed by AOAC.
This technique, which allows the detection of pathogens with a high level of accuracy, works by expanding the genetic material of the target pathogen.
The amplified DNA sequences are detected in real-time through fluorescent light waves, which provides for a highly accurate and efficient testing method that ensures this is safe food for consumers.
International certification by Primus GFS in Good Manufacturing Practices and Food Safety.

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